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Unbeknownst to
you, your pet may
have internal
Of 374 parasite
since June of this
31 animals had
…nearly 10% of the
samples!   In only
three pets had
parasites actually
been SEEN before the
examination at the
Don’t forget that it
is possible for
humans to become
infected with those
same intestinal
parasites.  Be sure
that your pets are
Bad Breath
Does your pet have
bad breath?  It may
be related to gum
disease or tartar
build-up on the
teeth.  It could also
things which are
unrelated to the
mouth including
diabetes, kidney
disease, intestinal
disease, and
parasites.  Be sure
to have your pet
checked by your
veterinarian if they
suffer from bad
September is
Senior Pet Month
Old Age
Pets age up to seven
times faster than
people.  This means
that at 9-years-of-age
your pet will feel 63
years old!  Around
people and pets alike,
should have a
thorough once-over
glaucoma & blood
pressure checks,
x-rays, and lab work
to discover any
problems that may be
starting without
causing any
noticeable symptoms.  
Many issues, if found
early, can be take
care of fairly simply or
steps can be taken to
lessen their impact
allowing us all a
longer healthier life.
July is Allergy
Awareness Month
Did you know that
many pets have
allergies?  Pets can
have all of the same
allergies that
people have
(pollens, dust,
molds, foods, and
they can even be
allergic to people).  
Your veterinarian
can take a blood
test to confirm &
identify specific
July is also
Dog House Repair Month
Rabies Vaccination
& Dog Licensing
Before mandatory
licensing & vaccination
against rabies were
instituted, the rabies
disease was common in
both pets and people in
the LA-Orange County
area.  Vaccination, in
combination with
licensing & leash laws,
has been effective in
reducing the incidence
dramatically.  Be sure
your pet is vaccinated
and licensed for
everyone’s protection.
Flea Heaven
The ‘early morning
low clouds and fog’
of June are heaven
for fleas & ticks.
When our weather
yields temperatures
above 70 degrees
with 70% or the life
cycle of a the life
cycle of a flea will
take as little as one
week…from hatching
to producing live
baby fleas. Be your
pet friends with
monthly Advantage®
(if you’re mostly in
town where there are
few ticks) or
Frontline® (if
you’re ever in the
canyons or wild
lands where there
are many ticks)
May is
Be Kind to
Animals Month
April 29th is
National Hairball
Awareness Day
February is
National Pet
Dental Care Month
Supplements, an
independent testing
company that evaluates
health products for
humans and pets,
recently reported that
some supplements DO
NOT contain the
ingredients listed on the
label.  Either investigate
your pet’s current health
supplements on-line or
ask your veterinarian
about them. If they are
not acceptable, your
veterinarian will be able to
recommend safe,
effective nutritional &
herbal supplements.
October is
Adopt-a-Shelter Dog
June is
Adopt-a-Shelter Cat
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